Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is geared up for a productive and prosperous 2012. My wife and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve wine tasting party – a pretty fun idea I thought. I should’veĀ been warned when I pulled into the liquor store parking lot, put my car in ‘park’, and found that the gear… More Happy New Year!

Survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Bracing For Cyber Monday

The family and I returned from Thanksgiving spent with relatives back east, and we even avoided the shopping madness that occurs immediately thereafter. Unfortunately, my shop-till-you-drop sister convinced me that life wouldn’t be worth living unless I took advantage of the insane Iphone deal that would expire at midnight. I fell for it. I’ll never… More Survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Bracing For Cyber Monday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is much anticipated in the Abbott house – it’s a time spent with family and friends that doesn’t suffer from over-commercialization and pre-event stress. And the food ain’t bad either! We’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year, and we’re looking forward to an even better next year. There are signs the… More Happy Thanksgiving!