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It’s been a grueling couple of weeks, working sixteen to eighteen hours every day, then working on my cartoons for the upcoming Mead calendars. I’m not going to complain though – serving in the United States Navy has been the greatest honor of my life, and after nearly twenty years of service as a Special Boat Team operator, putting on my uniform fills me with as much pride as the first day I earned the right to wear it. I’ve had some time off from military responsibilities in the last half of last year, but I’m looking forward to some hard charging training with my SWCC brothers in the new year. Ironically, most of my fellow SpecWar brothers had no idea I was a cartoonist. Running around with guns in the night, wielding a fountain pen during the day. Yup, I’m an odd one.


About Bill Abbott

Published, licensed humorous artist. My work has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Harvard Business Review, Medical Economics, American Fitness, Long Island Business Journal, Illinois Busness Journal, and many more. Additionally, my work has been published in greeting cards by various companies around the world including Hallmark UK..
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