Star Wars Cartoons

Any Star Wars fans out there? My sons and I are excited about going to see the new movie coming out in December. In honor of some great memories I’ve had with my kids during our Star Wars DVD marathon events, I’ve created a week of Star Wars cartoons that will be published next month,… More Star Wars Cartoons

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Corporate Spork

Sometimes cartoons are inspired by a character, a setting, a prop, or some single element that starts the creative wheels turning. Somehow, I appear to have fallen in love with the word, ‘spork’. How sad is that? Anyway, this is one of my favorite business cartoons that I wrote. From my business cartoon site at… More Corporate Spork

Interview With Magazine Cartoonist Crowden Satz

Continuing this very enjoyable series of interviews with many of my favorite working cartoonists, here’s my conversation with magazine cartoonist extraordinaire Crowden Satz: 1.       Your background is in engineering education – at what point in your life did you realize you wanted to make cartooning your profession? My whole life I’ve been equally split between… More Interview With Magazine Cartoonist Crowden Satz

Interview With Fellow Ink Bottle Syndicate Cartoonist Brad Diller

Those who know me are very well aware of my absolute passion for cartooning. I’m still in awe of how my favorite cartoonists come up with their ideas and create their work. On my business cartoon website, I’ve created a page where I ask some of my contemporary favorites how they do the voodoo that… More Interview With Fellow Ink Bottle Syndicate Cartoonist Brad Diller

Wicked Cool News! “Spectickles” Cartoon Gifts!

Something New and exciting is Coming to Spectickles! We’ve partnered with a print company to make individual shirts and prints with your favorite Spectickles images, so now you don’t have to limit yourself to just a handful of designs. These are high-quality products too! Choose from any Spectickles image on Facebook, the Bill Abbott Cartoons web site, or… More Wicked Cool News! “Spectickles” Cartoon Gifts!

Interview With Fellow Cartoonist Dan Rosandich

As I’ve mentioned, I’m passionate about the art, history, business, and all things cartooning. In learning to be a cartoonist, I’ve had the great good fortune to meet a lot of extremely talented and experienced cartoonists whose generosity of time and knowledge has been an inspiration. I’ll be starting a series of interviews with some… More Interview With Fellow Cartoonist Dan Rosandich