A New “Spectickles” Cartoon Every Day

If you have the exceedingly poor taste to enjoy my cartoon “Spectickles”, first, let me extend my sympathies, and second, let me offer ways to continue in this terrible habit.


There are several ways to get a new “Spectickles” cartoon every day. First, you could see it in your daily newspaper, and if they don’t yet carry it you could request it by emailing the editor – nay – demand it! Next is my website, which has a new cartoon on the main page as well as on a dedicated page where you can go through the archive of lots and lots of cartoons. After that, I post daily to my Facebook cartoon page. Lastly, I think, is the very convenient “Spectickles” GoComics page where there a number of ways to subscribe and get a new “Spectickles” in your email, or share through a variety of social media outlets.


In any case, I hope you enjoy “Spectickles”!


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