Interview With Fellow Cartoonist Dan Rosandich

As I’ve mentioned, I’m passionate about the art, history, business, and all things cartooning. In learning to be a cartoonist, I’ve had the great good fortune to meet a lot of extremely talented and experienced cartoonists whose generosity of time and knowledge has been an inspiration. I’ll be starting a series of interviews with some… More Interview With Fellow Cartoonist Dan Rosandich

A Bite From the Apple of Awesomeness – A Bit of Personal Cartoon History Found

About two years ago, my family and I bought a new house and started the tedious job of packing everything we own. As is sometimes the case, there were things that were packed in haste, just to get the job done. One of the items that was handled in this way was the very first… More A Bite From the Apple of Awesomeness – A Bit of Personal Cartoon History Found

“Spectickles” Working Out Cartoon

Friday. Doesn’t the word itself bring some degree of relief? You’ll note Robinson Crusoe didn’t name his man Monday, or Tuesday – probably would have ended up hating him and resorted to chucking him off a cliff. Well, on that literary reflection, here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day, shock waves in the time-space continuum:

“Spectickles” – An Update and a Heavenly Cartoon

Wednesday already? Man, this week is moving fast! Lots to do – I was informed by the industrious Mr. Kellogg at Ink Bottle Syndicate that “Spectickles” just picked up another newspaper, so now it’s time to deliver the goods – back to inking…. Here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day – this one has been licensed… More “Spectickles” – An Update and a Heavenly Cartoon

“Spectickles” Cartoon – Excruciating Pain Medical Cartoon

I’ve got a stack of new material all penciled in, which I’ll start inking this afternoon – both “Spectickles” and “Percenters”. I’ll also try to finish up a blog article on how I’ve created some of my business cartoons on the iPad, which ended up selling in the major cartoon markets. Lots to do, so… More “Spectickles” Cartoon – Excruciating Pain Medical Cartoon

“Spectickles” Healthcare Cartoon

How about that – another beautiful, sunny morning in Buffalo. Getting everything caught up so I can enjoy a week of relaxation in the Adirondacks with my family – much needed R&R. Speaking broadly of health, here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day – an invasion of personal space: