Wicked Cool News! “Spectickles” Cartoon Gifts!

Something New and exciting is Coming to Spectickles! We’ve partnered with a print company to make individual shirts and prints with your favorite Spectickles images, so now you don’t have to limit yourself to just a handful of designs. These are high-quality products too! Choose from any Spectickles image on Facebook, the Bill Abbott Cartoons web site, or… More Wicked Cool News! “Spectickles” Cartoon Gifts!

Interview With Fellow Cartoonist Dan Rosandich

As I’ve mentioned, I’m passionate about the art, history, business, and all things cartooning. In learning to be a cartoonist, I’ve had the great good fortune to meet a lot of extremely talented and experienced cartoonists whose generosity of time and knowledge has been an inspiration. I’ll be starting a series of interviews with some… More Interview With Fellow Cartoonist Dan Rosandich

Happy Columbus Day – A Columbus Day Cartoon and an Update

Columbus Day already and Halloween is just around the corner – where did 2014 go? Another year nearly gone by and the mullet still hasn’t made a comeback – disappointing. Anyway, in honor of Mr. Columbus, here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day, a Columbus Day cartoon: http://billabbott.weebly.com/the-new-cartoon-a-day-page/spectickles-cartoon-a-day-a-columbus-day-cartoon Also, I’ve just updated my “Spectickles” web gallery… More Happy Columbus Day – A Columbus Day Cartoon and an Update

Design Design Licensing “Spectickles” Cartoons For Greeting Cards

I’ve been exceedingly fortunate to have been contacted by the good people at Design Design about using another one of my cartoons for their greeting card line – thank you! They’ve got a terrific line of wine related party products as well as greeting cards – check them out! http://designdesign.us/index.php/been-working-out-christmas-card.html#.VAr5jtF0yUk

Writing For Cartoonists – A Game of Hide and Seek With the Muse

This is a question that comes up VERY frequently, both from cartoonists and non-cartoonists alike: where do I get my ideas or how do I write my gags. Some of the questions may be in the hope of recommending me for mental help or to keep me occupied long enough to check my head for… More Writing For Cartoonists – A Game of Hide and Seek With the Muse