Political Cartoons

There are few things getting the attention of the American People and the world at large more than politics. And there are few things more divisive and polarizing than our current partisan political strategies. That said, I create cartoons with a political flavor from the perspective of a political agnostic – I assume they’re all… More Political Cartoons

“Percenters” Business Cartoons Now in Glorious Color!

i started my “Percenters” business cartoons as something of a creative change of scenery, and surprisingly enough, they’ve started to become popular all on their own. There’s a major greeting card company who has indicated interest, and as you may know, they’ve appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Prospect magazine in the… More “Percenters” Business Cartoons Now in Glorious Color!

Getting Ready For Halloween – A Frankenstein Halloween Cartoon

Maybe it’s me, but if I can create a Halloween cartoon and pick on ambulance-chasing lawyers all in one shot, well, I consider that a productive day. Getting in that Halloween state of mind – here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day – a Frankenstein – inspired/ambulance-chaser Halloween cartoon: http://billabbott.weebly.com/the-new-cartoon-a-day-page/spectickles-cartoon-a-day-frankenstein-halloween-cartoon