“Spectickles” Parenting Cartoon – Another Brick in the Wall

Today is going to be a good day. Happy with the work output, Wall Street Journal published another one of my “Percenters” business cartoons, having lunch downtown with good friends – good day. Enough of that yammering, time to slap some ink on some paper. Here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day: http://billabbott.weebly.com/the-new-cartoon-a-day-page/spectickles-cartoon-a-day-another-brick-in-the-wall

“Spectickles” – An Update and a Heavenly Cartoon

Wednesday already? Man, this week is moving fast! Lots to do – I was informed by the industrious Mr. Kellogg at Ink Bottle Syndicate that “Spectickles” just picked up another newspaper, so now it’s time to deliver the goods – back to inking…. Here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day – this one has been licensed… More “Spectickles” – An Update and a Heavenly Cartoon

“Spectickles” Cartoon – Excruciating Pain Medical Cartoon

I’ve got a stack of new material all penciled in, which I’ll start inking this afternoon – both “Spectickles” and “Percenters”. I’ll also try to finish up a blog article on how I’ve created some of my business cartoons on the iPad, which ended up selling in the major cartoon markets. Lots to do, so… More “Spectickles” Cartoon – Excruciating Pain Medical Cartoon

Hot Off the Presses – The First “Spectickles” Cartoon Book

Want to know something super cool? Of course you do. My very first book is on sale now through Willow Creek Press. If you’re seen walking with it, people will think you’re very smart. Click on the image below to be taken to a magical place where you too can own this book. It may… More Hot Off the Presses – The First “Spectickles” Cartoon Book

Happy Father’s Day!

For all the Fathers out there, the ones who’ve sacrificed and put their families before themselves, who’ve led their children by example, who’ve been strong when weakness was acceptable, who’ve loved unconditionally, who’ve cleaned the messes, who’ve hugged just because, and above all, were there, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day – well… More Happy Father’s Day!