Bill Abbott Cartoons – An Update

It’s been too long since my last post, and lots has been happening. First, my cartoon, “Spectickles” has been picking up steam and you may be seeing more of them in your local greeting card aisles – fingers crossed! On the right side of the blog page, you’ll notice a window for the “Spectickles” Facebook page, where every day you’ll see a stream of cartoons – new ones every day. Stop by and let us know what you think!


Ink Bottle Syndicate has been working hard on spreading the news to daily and weekly newspapers, and I’m happy to say “Spectickles” continues to gain ground. Add to that, it’s been a thrill to be working with Washington Post Writer’s Group’s Cartoon Editor Amy Lago, one of the nicest people I’ve had the great pleasure to get to know. WPWG is distributing “Spectickles” to online weekly newspapers – if you don’t see it in yours, demand it! On the licensing front, there have been several companies approach Bill Kellogg, the marketing director for Ink Bottle Syndicate, seeking potential partnerships with the “Spectickles” brand – we’ll see what happens!


My primarily business cartoon, “Percenters” has also been gaining in popularity, and I was surprised to learn of some possible interest from a major greeting card company, so we’ll see what happens. I’ve been spending a great deal of time updating and coloring the “Percenters” to have broader appeal and a more finished appearance – let me know what you think. “Percenters” continues to be published in such places as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Prospect Magazine as well as in books by Cengage and McGraw Hill.

BC0105Eat your young color BC0270 Scare You color BC0304 lawyer app color

In addition to the updating on “Percenters”, I’ve combined my earlier work into a sizable collection I call “Pandemonium”. They’ve also been reformatted and colored, and I’m really pleased with the look.

Anesthesiologist copy Gesundheit

As info, all of my cartoons are available for a variety of uses through Ink Bottle Syndicate, and if you’re interested in the very first “Spectickles” book, a collection of cartoons through Willow Creek Press, you can get a very inexpensive copy HERE.

Keep checking back – I’ll be writing some posts on upcoming projects and sharing insights into the art and the business of cartooning!

One thought on “Bill Abbott Cartoons – An Update

  1. Wro..needed a good laughOW>WOW>WOWZIE..Yous is the funniest guy on erth till I look inde mirror..Thanks bro..keep a tunin..randall stacy author of Gods funny bone….the ONO book ..official cartoooning nursing and medical profession…x117 s 17 herrin, illinois,,62948


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