I’ve been drawing and cartooning for as long as I could hold a writing utensil. I live in western New York with my beautiful wife and two terrific sons. I’m lucky to be working with licensing agents extraordinaire Grahame Allan in Australia, Adam Meiklejohn of MGL Licensing in the UK and Europe as well as illustration agents Alexander Pollard here in the US. Together we have introduced my characters to manufacturers of greeting cards, figurines, mugs, cocktail napkins, calendars and a bunch of other stuff. They’re all awesome. You should buy some and embrace the awesomeness. You may also check and order term papers online if the style is for your taste: you just have to leave an order at https://top-papers.com/buy-term-papers-online/.

Outside of licensing, my work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal magazines like Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, American Legion Magazine, and Medical Economics, in newspapers like the Malibu News, and are available for publishing through Cartoonstock in the UK

When I'm not drawing cartoons, I'm standing around with water bottles in my pocket and cameras dangling precariously from my inattentive hands.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Bill, as you`ll be aware, I follow your excellent cartoons on your Facebook page. It is good to actually see a photo of what you look like and to read a wee bit about who you are too – Wife, kids, ex-Navy …. and I am sure I read elsewhere that you are also a big Larsson fan too. No word of lie but both you and Larsson are my fave cartoonists.
    I don`t know if you ever have the same fear but when cartooning, I always worry that I sub-consciously `copy` a punchline from a cartoon that I have seen and liked maybe 6 months or a year earlier – then people assume you steal other peoples idea`s.
    I always have a very busy life and need to prioritise things but I am gonna be getting back into my own cartooning again, so look out for the competition from Bonnie Scotland ! ….. Gary Simpson

    1. Thank you Gary – you ask a great question. I not only worry that I’ve written something that someone has written before me, but I have also caught myself writing cartoons that I’d already created years ago – the idea comes back but I don’t remember having created it! As a HUGE fan of all things cartooning, I very much look forward to your work and inevitable success – keep me posted!

  2. I have a cartoon project called Popa Duck and the crittaz. It’s started as a comic strip but over the years people started requesting more. I then had it animated into a little short. I’m at a crossroad. Needing the Cartoon licensed. And looking for help. I have 16 characters in all. I’m hoping you would share your expertise. Thank you

  3. My name is Lauren McKune. I’m trying to embrace the awesomeness too! I created the characters “Regis and Angus”. I published them through Author house and would love your feedback on them. I have often felt overwhelmed by getting my characters known. They are two Scotties with humorous insights. If you want to let me know what you think , I welcome all advice at your story is helpful.

  4. Hi Lauren – I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I’d be happy to have a look at your characters – feel free to email a link at – and thank you for contacting me!

  5. Hello Mr. Abbot. Sorry I haven’t returned an email. Anyway thank you for your cartoons. If you can , let me know what you think of “Regis and Angus”. Otherwise , forgive my failure to respond in kind.


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