Political Cartoons

There are few things getting the attention of the American People and the world at large more than politics. And there are few things more divisive and polarizing than our current partisan political strategies.
That said, I create cartoons with a political flavor from the perspective of a political agnostic – I assume they’re all lying, and until I see overwhelming proof to the contrary, I’d take Vegas odds I’d be right more often than not. My cartoons don’t pick parties – I take aim at them all. That’s why they’re referred to on this site as “politics” cartoon rather than “political” cartoons – the latter infers it’s taking a stab at a specific politician, party, or perspective while the former is a step further back and makes a statement about the whole enchilada.
Anyway, I hope they succeed in the one most important aspect – they entertain!
Check out some of the politics cartoons at Abbott Cartoons!
BC0210Pitched Battle color

One thought on “Political Cartoons

  1. I agree 100% that most are liars, and so are the main stream media.

    In my opinion, many of them should be in prison, some for treason.

    Both parties. God bless you, Sir


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