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New Cartoon Website

Some very exciting news – I’m working with a web designer who will be creating an all new website for my cartoons – and they’ll all be available there to view – something in the neighborhood of 3000 cartoons.… More New Cartoon WebsiteMmM

It’s Here! The First Spectickles Cartoon Collection on Amazon!

Well break out the crayons and color me silly – the first Spectickles cartoon collection is out! Just $4.99 for your Kindle or other device – Click on the image below to get yours:

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Spectickles Cartoon Collection For Kindle

Some very, very good news. The very first Spectickles cartoon collection for Kindle is going to be available on later this week. It’s got 150 of the most popular Spectickles cartoons and it’ll be available for download for $4.99. The available free apps allow for viewing on everything from a PC, to an iPad… More Spectickles Cartoon Collection For Kindle

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Star Wars Cartoons

Kind of a funny update – I’m running a week of “Spectickles” Star Wars cartoons which will start December 6th and run through the following Sunday. Now, as most of you know, my cartoons are not exactly ‘racy’ or provocative. Even so, my editor rejected one of the Star Wars cartoons as being a little… More Star Wars Cartoons

Star Wars Cartoons

Any Star Wars fans out there? My sons and I are excited about going to see the new movie coming out in December. In honor of some great memories I’ve had with my kids during our Star Wars DVD marathon events, I’ve created a week of Star Wars cartoons that will be published next month,… More Star Wars Cartoons

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Corporate Spork

Sometimes cartoons are inspired by a character, a setting, a prop, or some single element that starts the creative wheels turning. Somehow, I appear to have fallen in love with the word, ‘spork’. How sad is that? Anyway, this is one of my favorite business cartoons that I wrote. From my business cartoon site at… More Corporate Spork

Political Cartoons

There are few things getting the attention of the American People and the world at large more than politics. And there are few things more divisive and polarizing than our current partisan political strategies. That said, I create cartoons with a political flavor from the perspective of a political agnostic – I assume they’re all… More Political Cartoons