Humorous Illustration

I enjoy doing illustration work, particularly humorous illustration, and here’s one I completed for a local IT company which I call, oddly enough, the ‘IT Monkey’ – hope you enjoy.

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Politicians And Elections

I would render a guess that most people are like me, tired of politicians. I don’t think there are any out there, whether current office holders or those who seek office, who could remotely be described as ‘inspiring’. Quite the opposite – if the current crop of politicians we now have is the best this… More Politicians And Elections

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Art Classes And Learning Caricature

It’s been an exceptionally busy start to the new year, but I thought I’d catch up a bit. First, I’d been wanting to take an art class for a very long time, but for a host of reasons, haven’t been able to. I’d made a commitment to myself to always improve as an artist and… More Art Classes And Learning Caricature

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is geared up for a productive and prosperous 2012. My wife and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve wine tasting party – a pretty fun idea I thought. I should’ve been warned when I pulled into the liquor store parking lot, put my car in ‘park’, and found that the gear… More Happy New Year!

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