Submitting Cartoons To Magazines – Bagging The Elephants (In Wall Street Parlance)

I occasionally get asked about submitting work to magazines – the process, the prospects, and the pay. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve got some experience that I can share. First, the process. As an exercise in discipline and creative production, I try to develop a dozen good gag ideas a week.… More Submitting Cartoons To Magazines – Bagging The Elephants (In Wall Street Parlance)

New Yorker Cartoonists

It’s no secret that I’m a bit in awe of the massively talented collection of cartoonists who create work for the New Yorker magazine. Recently, I’ve begun creating work targeting the New Yorker and Harvard Business Review-type markets, submitting faithfully weekly and monthly (nothing in New Yorker yet, and just sold my first to Harvard… More New Yorker Cartoonists

First Cartoon Sold To Harvard Business Review!

I’m enormously grateful to report that I’ve just sold my first cartoon to Harvard Business Review – a VERY exciting moment for a professional cartoonist. They’re a tough market to crack, but we managed to get it done!

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The Cartooning Life

I suspect most of my fellow scribblers face the same issues I do – finding that ever-elusive balance between family, outside responsibilities, and the profession of cartooning. As with most creative endeavors, and this is just my opinion, you work best when the muse is with you, meaning that there are moments in your day… More The Cartooning Life

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New Twitter Username

For those of you who tweet, and might be interested in following my cartoons stuff there, I’ve updated my username to @abbottcartoons, which I hope will make it easier for people to find me. We’ll find out!

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Happy Mother’s Day To Moms Everywhere!

I’ve been a super-lucky guy, having been born to the wonderful woman I’m fortunate enough to call Mom. I’m also doubly lucky to be married to an incredible woman, and also amazing Mom. In tribute to Moms everywhere, here’s a cartoon I hope you enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day!

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More Jabs At Politicians

The Presidential race has clearly illustrated H.L. Mencken’s point that all politicians are moonshine – without exception. And bath-tub gin at that – cheap, counterfiet, and if you partake too long, you’re likely to go blind. In my estimation, any politician who enters the ring for more than one term in office should have a Pinochio… More More Jabs At Politicians

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