The Funnies Extra

Things are really picking up with The Funnies Extra – it’s spreading across the country rapidly, and people are grabbing them as quickly as they’re published. The business owners who distribute the paper are finding a very receptive advertising market, which makes it a great way to earn a living – a very good living at that. If you’re interested in getting involved, Bill Kellogg from Ink Bottle Syndicate and publisher Richard Cross have set up a page providing the details - certainly worth considering! I’m told these opportunities are disappearing fast as the current business owners are expanding their territories. Check out the latest “Spectickles” cartoon as well as “Karma Cafe” in the latest edition!


About billabbottcartoons

Published, licensed humorous artist. My work has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Harvard Business Review, Medical Economics, American Fitness, Long Island Business Journal, Illinois Busness Journal, and many more. Additionally, my work has been published in greeting cards by various companies around the world including Hallmark UK..
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