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Business Cartoons, Business Cartoons, and More Business Cartoons!

There are many aspects to cartooning, and I have yet to find one I don’t enjoy. I read incessantly about the topic, from the best known syndicated strips to the lesser known gag cartoonists of old. For whatever reason, the … Continue reading

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More Jabs At Politicians

The Presidential race has clearly illustrated H.L. Mencken’s point that all politicians are moonshine – without exception. And bath-tub gin at that – cheap, counterfiet, and if you partake too long, you’re likely to go blind. In my estimation, any politician … Continue reading

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Politicians And Elections

I would render a guess that most people are like me, tired of politicians. I don’t think there are any out there, whether current office holders or those who seek office, who could remotely be described as ‘inspiring’. Quite the … Continue reading

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