“Spectickles” Cartoon: Emotionally Invested

If you see a big guy walking around covered in pink lotion, looking like he’s trying desperately not to scratch a severe itch, that would be me. Somehow, I managed to get poison ivy from my neck down to my shins. At least the bee stings don’t hurt anymore (while ripping out a small pine, I also ripped out an underground bees nest which, as became immediately apparent, angered them quite severely. I got stung on my hands, arms, and neck). So, I think I’d better stick with cartooning since botany in all its forms appears to be harmful to my health. Here’s today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day: http://billabbott.weebly.com/the-new-cartoon-a-day-page/spectickes-cartoon-a-day-emotional-investment

spectickles_2014-7-15 copy

One thought on ““Spectickles” Cartoon: Emotionally Invested

  1. Too bad. Looks like u have more material. Whatever u do don’t take cortisone cream. Carl did that under substitute DR instructions and it made it worse was oozing all over the place. Just a warning! Aveeno for the bath will help the itching. It worked for chicken pox too. It comes in packets. Oral benedryl too but u might fall asleep and that could be worse. Take care. Dont tell Shelly to kiss it better we don’t want her to have kardashian lips! Sherry

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