A “Spectickles” Update and a Soft, Cuddly Grim Reaper

Looks like “Spectickles” will be picking up another newspaper or two shortly, thanks to the exceedingly hard working Mr. Kellogg at Ink Bottle Syndicate. Remember, if you want to see “Spectickles” in your local paper, be sure to let the editor know (You can send him this link if you really want to make it easy for them: http://billabbott.weebly.com/editors-spectickles-page.html) . And use all caps, so he knows you’re serious. And nothing says serious like the Grim Reaper, in today’s “Spectickles” Cartoon A Day, or not: http://billabbott.weebly.com/the-new-cartoon-a-day-page/spectickles-cartoon-a-day-the-lighter-side-of-grim-reaper


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